New Canine Influenza Strain

Please be advised that the Asheville Humane Society is currently experiencing an uptick in CIRD cases (canine infectious respiratory disease) as is the entire state of North Carolina. Testing performed by the humane society has isolated the H3N2 strain of the influenza virus. Clinical signs of this virus include copious nasal discharge as well as a wet productive cough. This strain of influenza has been associated with a higher likelihood of progression to pneumonia. Clinical signs to monitor for include poor to absent appetite, wet productive cough, lethargy, and/or elevated breathing rates. Should your pet experience any of these clinical signs, please call the clinic to discuss further action. We will keep you informed as new information comes to light.

Please be advised that a vaccination for the H3/H2 influenza strain is available through our hospital.  We also recommend that the intranasal Bordetella vaccination be given every 6 months.

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