Elvis needs a new home. We rescued him when he was a 10 month old  puppy abandoned in Asheville. He is now 5 years old. We have seen multiple trainers ($ several thousand+) over the years, and tried various medications to help him, and while he has made progress in some areas, we still feel he is too unpredictable around kids and strangers. He is 99% perfect in every other way, but we feel like attempting to rehome without a chance at full rehab is passing a liability on to someone. I am looking for help finding a rescue organization or owner with behavioral issues/ anxiety in dogs with the tools to take him on and help him be successful so he live his best life with his best person. I have contacted Carolina Poodle Rescue already because I know they have a farm and in the past have had success with difficult cases, but they cannot help. I dont want to burden an already burdened system, especially since Covid, so I plan to offer what I can in way of donations to support his care. I can’t bare to consider humane euthanasia. There has to be someone out there who can help, even if its outside of the Carolinas. I can get him where he needs to go.

He knows sit, down, place, rollover, heel, recall is fairly decent. He has been trained on ecollar. Can be trusted in house (not destructive, housebroken).

With the right tools he could be perfect for someone with proper experience with herding breeds and their quirks, with property, and minimal visitors, no kids etc. I’ve seen him do well with dogs, both male and female, but he is selective. Thank you in advance for your help.

If interested, please text @ (828)435-0587

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