Because our patient’s are unable to verbally explain their symptoms, laboratory tests are used extensively in veterinary medicine. When it comes to diagnosing a medical issue, time always plays a major factor. Our hospital is equipped with a state of the art diagnostic laboratory that can provide results within minutes for a diagnosis and treatment plan. If the results require a highly specialized, more in depth analysis, we also partner with outside referral labs to handle any advanced diagnostics.
Testing is also useful for wellness and preventative care, diagnosis of an illness and pre-surgical screening. Having the ability to do all of our lab work in house makes the process involved with restoring your pet’s health more convenient for you by often being able to do everything in one visit.
Our in house laboratory consists of blood chemistry, complete blood count (cbc), thyroid, urinalysis, therapeutic drug monitoring, diagnosis of tick borne diseases, heartworms, feline felv/fiv, intestinal parasites, cytology examination and fungal cultures.
The combination of state of the art equipment/technology partnered with our skilled veterinarian allows us to quickly diagnose your pet so treatment can begin and your pet can feel better faster.