Emergencies that may  threaten your pet’s health can happen at any time and are something most pet owner’s usually don’t plan for in advance. You can call our office at any time you feel your pet’s health is in danger. We have included a list of conditions to watch for and if your pet displays, should alert you to contact us as soon as possible. Here is our list:
•  Severe bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop within a few minutes, including bleeding from the nose, mouth, rectum or in their feces or urine.
•  Choking, continuous gagging or coughing.
•  Continued difficulty breathing.
•  Inability to urinate or have bowel movement or severe pain when trying to.
•  Ingesting poison or toxic solids or liquids.
•  Serious eye injury.
•  Seizures or unconsciousness.
•  Possible fractures or prolonged limping or lameness.
•  Refusal to drink (24 hours) or eat (2 days).
•  Heatstroke.
•  Severe vomiting or diarrhea.
These, or any other symptoms that you consider life threatening, are a good reason to contact us immediately.