Laser Therapy has arrived at Vista Falls Veterinary Hospital!

We are kicking of the new year with a new way to treat skin conditions, chronic arthritis along with post-operative pain all using one tool… a therapeutic laser! Laser therapy is becoming more common in the veterinary world as pet owners, such as yourselves, are looking for safer and more effective ways to treat your pets’ conditions. Today laser therapy is commonly used to treat a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions such as arthritis, skin conditions like hot spots, ear infections, surgical sites and so much more. It is a pain-free, surgery free way to reduce pain and inflammation while speeding the bodies natural healing process.

Our laser is a class IV deep tissue laser and uses a beam of laser light to penetrate the tissue without damaging it. When the laser penetrates the surface of the skin it induces a biological response call photobiomodulation which leads to reducing the pet’s pain, inflammation and increased healing speed. We have already started using the laser on a few of our client’s pets that have had surgery with us along with chronic conditions and they have reported that their pets have healed faster are already feeling better and able to move around a lot better.

The treatment process for most pets is relatively fast and non-invasive, most pets find the warmth from the laser relaxing and enjoy the experience. On average, a laser session can take 3-6 minutes and most clients will come in 2-3 times a week for the first week or two and then decreasing over time and for chronic cases moving to once a month thereafter. Every pet is different, and each health condition is different, so a treatment protocol will be created by Dr. Emery to ensure your pet will receive the full benefit from the laser therapy. We will also be using the laser therapy after dental and surgical procedures to help speed the healing time, reduce post-operative inflammation along with providing your pet with a drug free way to help ease any discomfort.

We are so excited to offer this new treatment to your pets, allowing us another way to help heal your pet faster and in way that that is pain free and drug free. Give us a call if you would like more information or to set up a consultation with Dr. Emery and he will set up a plan made specifically for your pet! Let us help your pet start off 2019 feeling great!

Happy New Year!

Dr. Emery and Staff

1 thought on “Laser Therapy has arrived at Vista Falls Veterinary Hospital!”

  1. I can’t express the wonderful care Oakley received on New Years Eve from Dr. Emery and his staff. It was our first visit to which I had a very sick dog. One of the main issues was his arthritis but also an infection to which we will never know the cause. As the process took several visits to get everything under control, Dr. Emory gave Oakley the upmost care. With the arthritis, Dr. Emory had just received the training for Laser therapy. Oakley was his first patient and the results have been amazing.
    I highly recommend Dr. Emory and his staff to care for you furry family member. Again, thank you Dr. Emery and staff.


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