Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment:

We are kicking of the new year with a new way to treat skin conditions, chronic arthritis along with post-operative pain all using one tool… a therapeutic laser! Laser therapy is becoming more common in the veterinary world as pet owners, such as yourselves, are looking for safer and more effective ways to treat your pets’ conditions. Today laser therapy is commonly used to treat a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions such as arthritis, skin conditions like hot spots, ear infections, surgical sites and so much more. It is a pain-free, surgery free way to reduce pain and inflammation while speeding the bodies natural healing process.

What kind of conditions can we treat with laser therapy?

Laser therapy is beneficial to so many health conditions besides arthritis. It can be used to treat….

Wounds • Allergies • Infections • Bites • Tooth Extractions • Sprains, strains and fractures • Post-surgical Healing and pain relief •

Feline Acne • Inflammatory Bowel Disease • Otitis • And so much more….




Is there any side effect from laser therapy?

No, your pet will have no side effects from having laser therapy. The laser is very gentle and emits a subtle but warm light, if anything your pet will find it comforting, like having a massage.

Oakley wearing his Laser Therapy Glasses

What to expect at your pet’s appointments…

 At your pet’s first appointment Dr. Emery will examine your pet and determine the areas of concern and will customize a laser therapy plan for your pet. The treatment is easy, fast, non-invasive and drug free. Your pet will not require any sedation or anesthesia and matter of fact, your pet will find the treat is very relaxing as the laser emits a gentle warm light beam to the area. The average treatment for one area can range from 2-6 minutes depending on the size of your pet and the area we are treating and if you would like you can be with your pet during the treatment.

Oakley before Laser Therapy 1/3/2019



Give us a call today if you have any questions or if you are ready to schedule your pet’s consultation for laser therapy! 828-513-5134

Dr. Emery performing Laser Therapy on Oakley